Investigation of artisanal lift net fishing in the Aegean Sea coast of Türkiye

Artisanal lift net fishing




Lift net, artisanal fishing, income, small scale fisheries, sustainability, Aegean Sea


Lift net/blanket net (çökeltme dalyanı in Turkish), is an artisanal fishing method established on the shores of the Aegean Sea in Türkiye, in which fish that migrate along the coast to feed or breed are caught. In this study, it was aimed to define the lift net fishery and to determine the socio-demographic and socio-economic characteristics and views of fishers on problems. The data were collected through surveys and field observations from April to May 2022 in three stations (Karaburun, Urla and Foça). Twenty-four fishers of the 31 existing lift net fishers were reached and the survey consisting of 41 questions was filled in face-to-face and telephone interviews. There was no significant difference between the stations in terms of age, lift net fishing experience, number of employees, annual income, total annual expense, annual profit, fishing day per year, and duration of fishing operation (p>0.05). There were four target species (mullet species, sea bass, sand steenbras and bluefish) in lift net fishing. 14,855 kg of mullet species, 2,390 kg of sea bass, 1,200 kg of sand steenbras and 450 kg of bluefish were caught annually. The annual income of lift net fishers varied between 637 US dollars ($) and 5,242 $, and the mean income was 1,979 ± 1,151 $/year. The mean income (165 $/month) was lower than the minimum wage in 2021 (212 $/month). 26.9% of the fishers were dissatisfied with their income and 69.1% engaged in additional activities such as in agriculture-livestock, gillnet-longline fishery, construction worker, seller in a market, waitstaff, and solid waste collector. The heirs of 15.4% of the fishers will not continue fishing. The biggest problem was SCUBA or skin divers near the lift net. Other reported problems were commercial (gillnet and longline) and recreational fishing near the lift net, the anchoring of private boats near the lift net, the decrease in fish stocks, illegal fishing and marine pollution. The number of lift nets has decreased over the years. The continuity of this artisanal fishing method is considered to be important for the socio-economic sustainability.


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