• Reproaqua 2022


    Dear Colleagues,

    We are pleased to announce that following organization of scientific meeting as series of “Workshops on Gamete Biology in Aquaculture” in 2014, 2016 and 2018, we are in the happiness of organizing of this workshop with a new concept as “International Symposium on Reproduction in Aquatic Animals (ReproAqua-2022)” on 02-04 November 2022 in Trabzon / Turkey.

    Abstract or full text of accepted presentations can be published in e-book of symposium proceeding (with ISBN) or can be published in one of the following international symposium journals such as "Genetics of Aquatic Organisms (GenAqua)", "Aquaculture Studies", "Mediterranean Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (MedFAR)", "Acta Aquatica Turcica", "International Journal of Agricultural and Natural Sciences (IJANS)"or "Sustainable Aquatic Research (SAquaRes)" following editorial and peer-viewed evaluation.


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  • Paper Invitation


    Dear Researcher,

    SUSTAINABLE AQUATIC RESEARCH, an open-access journal publishing high-quality, innovative articles in all aspects of aquatic studies from all around the world, is delighted to invite new submissions for the next issue that is scheduled to be published in August 2022.

    The submission deadline is 14 July 2022

    SAquaRes welcomes high-quality scientific papers focused on sustainability in aquaculture and also in aquatic ecosystems.

    "Sustainable life in the world will be realized with sustainable aquatic research".

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